Faraday Factory Japan LLC |The company manufactures and sells superconducting wires (tapes) used in the development of nuclear fusion reactors and electric motors.

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  • 4 presentations at 16th EUCAS 2023

4 presentations at 16th EUCAS 2023


  We made 4 presentations at 16th EUCAS 2023.

1. 1-MP-PC-07S "Development of Face-to-Face Double Stack REBCO Coated Conductors” Miyuki Nakamura

2. 1-MO-RM-01S "2G-HTS tape Production: Towards High-Performance and High-Volume Manufacturing" Valery Petrykin

3. 3-MO-RM-02S "Improve Jc (H, θ) in 2G-HTS tapes for high field applications using multilayers" Marcel Mesco

4. 3-LS-MC2-04S "High-field HEP magnet: relevance and synergy to HTS production" Alexander Molodyk